Davis, CA (Yolo County)
Chilean soapbark treeUC Davis hired us to evaluate the impact of new construction on a rare Chilean soapbark tree in proximity to the proposed building. We assessed tree health and structure, then exposed and inspected roots at both the base of the trunk and several feet from the trunk. After evaluating the tree, we defined a tree protection zone, then worked with representatives of the University and the construction company to develop recommendations for preservation of the tree. Prior to construction, we tied back limbs to minimize the need for pruning while providing clearance for construction. We selectively pruned foliage that still extended into the construction area. We also provided recommendations for irrigation and maintenance of the tree during and following building construction.

tree preservation plan for HLA GroupRancho Cordova, CA (Sacramento County)
Folsom Boulevard Tree Preservation Tree Associates Inc., worked as the primary Arborist for The HLA Group during the redevelopment of a portion of Folsom Boulevard. We prepared an arborist report for 84 trees located within the project site and determined which trees were suitable for preservation. We provided design modification recommendations to reduce impacts to, and prepared tree preservation guidelines for these trees.

elm trees at Crocker Art MuseumSacramento, CA (Sacramento County)
When the Crocker Art Museum was scheduled for renovation and new construction, The City of Sacramento hired us to conduct a risk assessment, review construction plans, and develop management and preservation recommendations for two mature elm trees in the Museum’s courtyard. We removed soil pneumatically to inspect the roots near the base of the trunk, and we used an aerial lift to inspect the tree’s crown. We assessed internal decay of roots, limbs, and lower trunk using a Tree Radar Unit and a drill. Our recommendations for hazard abatement and tree management addressed pruning and irrigation needs, as well as actions required for tree preservation during building construction.

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