Campbell, CA (Santa Clara County)
An insurance company asked us to determine why a tree owned by their insured lost a large limb in Campbell, California. While the tree, a blue atlas cedar, was in good health and had been pruned a couple of years prior by a local tree service, the fallen limb had cracked a few months prior to the failure due to its excessive weight and large diameter relative to the trunk. The combination of the existing crack and the wind on the date of failure was sufficient to cause the limb to break and damage a parked vehicle. We found no evidence to suggest that the insured had prior knowledge that the tree was hazardous. We also provided recommendations to reduce the likelihood of future trunk or limb failure which included cabling trunks and shortening the lowest tree limb.

cedar tree lost a limb
A blue atlas cedar lost a large limb in Campbell, CA due to a crack that we observed during our inspection.

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