University of California, Davis (Yolo County)
The UC Davis Graduate School of Management asked Tree Associates Inc., to assess site problems that may have caused the death of two specimen trees in the landscape next to a new building. Tree Associates also was asked to recommend site modifications and management practices that would mitigate problems affecting trees in the two locations. We inspected the trees, soil, drainage, and irrigation system at the site. Based on our findings, we recommended installation of internal drainage and modification of the irrigation system prior to replacement of the trees, and we provided a list of tree species suitable for that landscape.

Vacaville, CA (Solano County)
Tree Associates Inc., was asked to assess the declining health of coast redwood trees in Hume Grove. Branch dieback symptoms were consistent with a disease that can be associated with drought stress. We installed soil moisture sensors in several locations within the grove and used data loggers to record moisture data. The results of our study confirmed our hypothesis and enabled us to provide specific irrigation design and management recommendations to improve the overall health of the grove.

redwood tree showing symptoms of Botryosphaeria
The top of this coast redwood in Vacaville, CA exhibited symptoms of Botryosphaeria, a canker disease that can be associated with drought stress.

Yuba City, CA (Sutter County)
The owner of a company in Yuba City contacted us when he noticed that coast redwoods on his property were dying or in decline. We evaluated the health of 56 trees and diagnosed causes of their dieback and death. Some trees had cankers associated with Botryosphaeria, a fungus that causes death of branches and tops of trees. In addition, we identified several problems with the drip irrigation system used to water the trees. We recommended pruning to remove disease-infected limbs and modifications to the irrigation system and provided guidelines for scheduling irrigation intervals and duration.

redwood trees dying
Coast redwood trees in Yuba City were dying or in decline.

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