Davis, CA (Yolo County)
An insurance company asked us to determine if the roots of an insured’s tree were damaging the walkway and garage owned by their neighbors. We excavated adjacent to the lifted sections of the walkway and found large roots directly below this location. Since the walkway abutted the garage and there was no way to dig adjacent to the garage foundation, we employed our TreeRadar UnitTM, which utilizes ground penetrating radar (GPR), to determine whether or not there was evidence of root growth under the garage. The radar scans did not provide evidence of roots growing under the garage. We concluded that the insured’s roots were damaging the claimant’s walkway but not their garage. We recommended removing the tree to avoid further damage to the claimant’s property as pruning the roots at the property line would destabilize the tree.

oak tree roots damaging a walkway
Richard is examining the trunk of an oak whose roots are causing damage to the neighbor's walkway.

walkway damaged by oak roots 

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